Lowongan Terbaru Bulan November 2008 Lowongan Kerja Loker Lowker

PT Panin Life Tbk, one of the leading life insurance companies with annual revenue of more than IDR 1 trillion, invites you to join us as:

Accounting Staff


* Min. S1 in Accounting from reputable university
* Has min. 1 years work experience in finance, accounting, & tax (experience in SUN GL System will be an advantage), fresh graduate are also welcomed
* Strong Microsoft Office skills (Excel & Word)
* Good command in English both oral and written
* High level of integrity, commitment, and positive attitude with high commitment to deliver the result

Submit your CV & recent photo to email: hrd@paninlife.co.id


Human Capital Department
Panin Life Center, 7th Fl.
Jl. Letjend S. Parman Kav. 91
Jakarta 11420

Put subject “Acct Staff”, Before November 3, 2008

Only short listed candidates will be notified by Panin Life to undergo further processes

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